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Our goal is to offer you the latest online casinos in the UK, Canada and Europe in general. To do this, we explore casino offers and promotions daily. As you are probably aware of – casinos tend to pop up everywhere, and we want to classify both the good and bad ones.
Casino offers from newer casinos might be useful. As it usually means more casino offers and more enjoyable experience.

However, it can also mean more risk. It depends on how you look at it. We want to offer our readers reliable casino offers. To be able to do that, we are always checking new casino offers and sites so that we can be sure that the casinos listed here are excellent. We also read a lot of reviews online and try to build an unbiased approach.

We believe that there is objective truth; just as there are objective good and bad casino offers. That’s why we do everything we can to share our world view of the casino and their offers. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Casino bonuses usually apply to new players, and sign ups. But there are casinos out there that offer bonuses and promotions for loyal players and well-known players.

Primarily, you can assume that most of the casino offers submitted on this site are about new casino players. However, it does not have to be negative, as there are so many new casino online UK today that there is always a new casino to visit. In reality, this means that you will still be able to take part in a casino.

Casino Offers that are seasonal

It is a well-known phenomenon that various casinos out there submit casino offers that are seasonally based. This means you can get casino bonuses and offers around Christmas or New Year’s Eve. That is, different holidays can provide various types of gifts and offers for casinos. So this is very common. Some casinos then have day offers while others have casino offers for several days ahead. Of course, everything depends on the casino in question and their rules. But the most common thing is that casino offering last throughout the holidays.

Different types of Casino Offers

Sign up Casino Offer

Sign Up offer is the most common type of casino offers. That is, you as a casino player receive casino bonus that only applies when you sign up for a new account with the casino in question.

It is usually a trick to attract new customers. Often, casinos compete to provide customers with the best casino offers and thus win new customers. However, many online casinos have unreasonable wagering requirements for their bonuses.

Thus, the most extensive casino offers do not necessarily mean the best. It is because the wagering requirements and rules differ between the volume of bonus money.

That is, most people who have a casino bonus of over £ 1000 will usually have higher wagering requirements. Therefore, it is essential to be careful here. Only trust casino offers that have safe agreements for you. We always try to list excellent and reliable casinos; if you are uncertain about wagering requirements and the like, we recommend you to look into our casinos.

Play Ojo
50 Free Spins
No wagering Req.
Lots of games
5.0 rating
Jonny Jackpot
100% Up to £1000
100 Free Spins
4.8 rating
Plush Casino
200% Up to £100
25 Free Spins
4.8 rating
G-Day Casino
100% Up to £100
25 Free spins
4.8 rating

No Deposit Casino Offer

You don’t need to deposit any money, but you can get some free spins anyway. It is the most common type of casino offers that involve no deposit. Right now, Play Ojo has a great promotion that offers free spins without having to deposit money. These types of offers are proper, and it shows that the casino is not selfish. Instead, I think casinos that offer no deposit offers have a reliable and good view of their players. They know that offers like these are likely to increase their authority and popularity compared to other casinos that never provide anything for free.

How To Measure The Best Casino Offers?

The answer is not simple, as we use several different methods and criteria to determine the best casino offers available. Some of these criteria include wagering requirements. Just as we mentioned earlier, there is no reason for us to rank a casino high on our lists if they have unreasonable wagering requirements.

We also look at what the minimum requirements are for deposit. I think this is important. Many who play the casino do not want to put in half the fortune to play some slots — instead, the most common is to bet £ 5-10 and play for fun.

Therefore, we are careful to identify casinos that have a low minimum deposit before choosing to partner with them.

Besides, we require that they can offer our readers reasonable casino offers and that the casino in question a license.