Best Horse Racing Tipsters – By HorseTipstersReview

Today’s article comes from a friend of ours – Horse Tipsters Review. Their idea is quite simple; they carry out summaries and reporters on gains on horse racing tipsters online. They have compiled a list of the best horse racing tipsters out there. If you follow the link – you will be taken to that list. If you are interested in horse racing we can warmly recommend you to read through the entire list.

There is a big jungle out there, and there are lots of rogue horse tips that give you misleading information and statistics. Just as there are free-service horse racing tipsters that are simply free to attract customers – then redo the service to a paid one. I personally like HorseTipstersReview as their reviews are factual and they base all their data on their own experiences. This means that the share of return of investment shown is thus HorseTipstersReview’s own measured return – on the specific service. It is possible to talk about this for ages, but you should check this list before making any decisions about which horse racing tipsters are worth taking into your portfolio.

The list is ranked from 1-10, with one wild card. That wild card is a new tipster that they don’t recommend you to follow – right now. However, in some month maybe. The reason why they are putting out wild cards is that that horse racing tipster is new in the industry and can’t show enough stats of his ROI (The server is good but full of risk). I like those reviews because you get a clear picture of who to follow and which tipsters you should stay away from. The best horse racing tipsters are hard to find, but lets just say that horsetipstersreview are giving it a fair try. If a horse racing tipster is getting bad, or starts to charging too much – they will lose their rank over the best horse racing tipsters. They rank each horse racing tipster with three variables, those are 1) Profit, 2) Time and 3) Risk.

 ”To be able to demonstrate and show our thoughts about the ratings over the best horse racing tipsters, we have chosen to be as clear as possible. Therefore, we have presented our grades together with our measurement methods. The percentage shows how much value we have based on the specific variable. For example, you see that profit count at 50%. It simply means that it is the most important variable. So combined with the risk and time of the variable – a final grade over the best horse racing tipsters is therefore created.” Taken from HorseTipsterReview website.

Horse Tipsters Review acts as an organization that simply tests different betting services. These services are then ranked, and they have undergone several tests and variables. Then a winner is taken out. As you can see in the picture right now Ron Williams is in place number 1.


You can read more about their list over the best horse racing tipsters.