First and foremost, we should clarify; Everyone dreams of having a passive income from being a casino affiliate. Why? Because it is inactive, it is understood that nothing is required of you. Which is wrong, in this guide, I will, therefore, demonstrate what you need to do to become casino affiliate.

1. Register at ClickBank

The reason is simple, it is easy to set up an account, and no website or the like is required. Also, Clickbank offers the best commission of all affiliate programs that are registered.

The reason you should start with Clickbank is simply that it can take time before casino affiliates get traffic. The goal is simply that the market is demanding. Most people want to become a casino affiliate – because it generates the most money. This means that it can be challenging to access casino affiliate programs. My recommendation is therefore that you start a casino-related site, and start doing Reviews on various products from Clickbank. With this technology, you can:

Build authority for your website from day 1

Sell ​​products from, say, day 30.

After about three months, your site has had a decent age which means you can start thinking about becoming a casino affiliate seriously. Here I only have one rule, do not promote lists like new casinos and such. You do this at a later stage.

2. Register a WordPress Domain

There are lots of domains out there that can come in handy; you have for example, they offer fast hosting and both web hosting and areas that work well with WordPress and especially Casino Affiliate.

The reason I want you to start with WordPress is that it is an elementary program to write in. Especially if you, like I were, are entirely new to creating websites and writing good content.

WordPress is a sound system because there are many plugins; some are free. However, remember – you will need to invest a little here. Partly to get a good start, but then it is additional costs that come along the way. The funny thing is if you fulfil your mission of becoming a casino affiliate; this money will hardly be felt.

Again, register on WordPress and select a WordPress compatible package.

3. Register on casino affiliate sites

Now the fun begins. You can, of course, start with this step if you want, but the problem is that many people only want to see a working website before releasing their tracking links. However, there are three affiliate sites that you can start with without any worries; these are:

Ega– 45% Commission.

Full Cream – 30-55% Commission. Casino site

Onyx – 35% Commission

Betsson – 35% commission

Superior – Up to 45% Commission

Conversion – 20-45% Commission

Venture – 20-35% Commission

Also, these pages are relatively new, especially concerning EGA and Full Cream. Which means you should promote these from day 1. There aren’t 100 reviews on these sites already, which makes it easier for you and your casino affiliate page actually to appear in the results at all. Also, as mentioned earlier, these casino affiliate sites do not require much of you. You don’t have to have a great website with X traffic every day, or a specific design to make your first sale.

Full Cream Affiliates is ranked number 1 for a reason; I’ve made the most money on that platform. It was after a few months of struggle that I suddenly became a casino affiliate. (The criterion for becoming a casino affiliate is to make a sale). Initially, I promoted most “big” casinos, although I had little traffic to my site, no one followed my links.

Therefore, I recommend Full Cream as a first start-up; especially if you want to become a casino affiliate in Sweden. These casinos that you can market are thus very “rare” to find on various lists. And above all, it is scarce to find reviews on them.

4. Start link building

If you have no idea what I mean by link building, then, of course, I’ll explain everything you need to know. Google, in pure Swedish, shit in what you type (type). Google cares about who likes what you write.

Very Overall: If you write good content, this content will be linked to. Which is necessary; if you want to become a casino affiliate.

Someone may read an article and feel they want to share it with their friends on Facebook. Or, another page that appreciates a text and provides a link. As you understand, this rarely happens in the Casino affiliate industry. No one links to casino sites. The reason is simple; most do not want to be associated with us. Boring maybe. But there are opportunities for us as well. It’s spelt Fiverr.

There you can hire the most. However, I do not recommend you to build links through Fiverr.

5. See how the money rolls in

Because when you sit there with a casino affiliate site, and you have succeeded intending to become a casino affiliate – you will thank yourself for the job.

The money can’t be compared to any other affiliate market. If, by the way, you are interested in reading about how to become a “betting affiliate”, you should

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