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Most people who play on casino sites are able to play responsibly. But there are of course those who end up in problems. This can be described and experienced in different ways. Typically that casino players find it difficult to quit. Then, gambling can feel like a manic activity. and obsessive-compulsive disorder. This affects some of those who choose to play at casino. Especially online. As the availability of various online casinos is almost unlimited, the infinite.

There is help available!

If you feel that your gambling is getting out of hand, you can log in and sign up at


There you can suspend all gambling accounts. This applies to both physical casinos such as Cosmopol and Online. This also applies to all types of games and gambling companies. You can choose to suspend yourself from 1 month to 6 months. Alternatively until further notice.

If you have registered a suspension with, you may not gambling companies contact you anymore. This applies to all channels. If this would these gambling companies are breaking the law and risk losing their license.

Phone number for Spelpaus: 0152-650 100

If you have a gambling problems?

Gambling problems have has received much attention in recent years. However, it is not always obvious that a person who has a gambling problem knows that they have one. Rather, it is part of the gambling problem. It can therefore be difficult to take advantage of both support & actions. It is therefore important to always reflect on your own gambling. Whether this is responsible or not.

  • Are you gambling for more money than you can afford to lose?
  • Have you taken a loan to play at a casino?
  • Have you returned to a casino to “win back” the money you lost?

There are some questions you might ask yourself sometimes. Trying to see yourself from the outside is also important. There is of course help available. I can recommend that you test yourself and your gambling.

Test your gambling

You can test your gambling by answering nine questions about your gambling on the Helpline website. It tests gambling habits with questions related to finances; in terms of whether you have used financial resources that you do not have to play at the casino. It also involves questions about the reason for playing, i.e. whether it is related to excitement.

It also concerns psychological aspects. For example, if gambling has led to anxiety, stress or other health problems. It is thus an all-encompassing test that tries to identify people at risk. The results of this test are divided into four categories. Which are “low risk”, “risk”, “elevated risk” & “Gambling problem”.

We at CasinoRus can therefore advise you to do this test before playing at any casino featured on our site. We do not want in any way is associated with marketing to people in various risk groups. In particular not people who have a gambling problem. Therefore, we would like you to test your gambling habits with the Helpline.

Each link to various casino offers contains a direct link to the Support Line. The reason is that we want to make all visitors aware of measures and support.

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