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FreeSuperTips is a platform that gathers all types of betting tips in one place. The site is straightforward to navigate through, and you can easily find today’s betting tips. has several different gambling options, ranging from soccer to golf. The site is well-designed and easy to navigate through.

In terms of betting tips and FreeSuperTips, they are mediocre. We analyzed FreeSuperTips a couple of months ago; they didn’t qualify for the list of best tipsters then. And unfortunately, FreeSuperTips won’t be eligible today either.

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FreeSuperTips – Bad Football Tips

The truth is burning, but that is the case. FreeSuperTips is for all hobby players out there who think it is fun to bet for the sake of betting. But if you are genuinely interested in generating returns with your betting, then you should stay far away from FreeSuperTips. I think most professional bettors already know this.

Still, at the same time, FreeSuperTips has an incredible number of visitors, and I know many of our readers have wondered whether FreeSuperTips is good or not. So, in short – stay away from Free Super Tips.

Free Super Tips Are Free

The positive thing about Free Super Tips is that the website is free to use. Which means anyone can navigate and find betting tips on their website. And it may be favourable for some. However, Free Super Tips feeds on clicking on their ads, and whether it’s free in the long run is the question.

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After all, they make money by losing money. So, there are different opinions as to whether or not the Free Super Tips program is free. Some would argue its free, but I guess im on the other side. There’s nothing free about the super tips. Since you are not making any money with it – just losing it. So, from that perspective, the supertips are long from free. Id say they are kinda expensive.

However, if you do not click on their ads but are only looking to find a good tip for tonight’s altitude match – then absolut FreeSuperTips can be an option. But don’t bet on any significant sums on the advice because it will not give you any return long term. Therefore, I can recommend racing uk tips instead. Those are more profitable.

This is simply because FreeSuperTips has lots of collaborations with various bookmakers that appear on their site. And of course, they do not want to lose money. Well, nobody wants that.

It’s Quite Simple

We’ve gone through it before, about limitations. Of course, if FreeSuperTips could deliver a good return, no betting or sports bookmakers would have advertised on the site. They had gone bankrupt. You never see this type of advertising finance on dangerous tipster pages, and the reason is simply that if you are good at what you do – the bookmaker stays away from you and your site. It can also act as spies.

I’ve been aware that some bookmakers ”close” the game a microsecond after the tip has come out. These are the types of tipsters you want in your portfolio. So Forget Free Super Tips, you will never win anything if you follow their betting tips. Instead, invest in something that works.

Do you have your own experience of Free Super Tips? Feel free to share it with you in the comments field. It’s always fun to hear what our readers think of various tipsters out there. There are, as I said, lots of different betting systems and tipsters, and it is always challenging to be completely objective in one’s judgment regarding these. Therefore, it is refreshing to hear what you think of the specific tipster that we describe in our reviews. So, don’t be shy – share a few words with you!


Are there better alternatives?

Yes, there are a lot. We have listed the best ’tipster service’ for 2020 according to the players. And, its is just like FreeSuperTips – completely free to use.

Are the betting tips at FreeSuperTips profitable?

No, we have been following them for a while and are at -14,32% Return Of Investment.

What’s the most profitable sport to bet on?

Horse Racing.

How many tipsters should I follow?

Depends, our recommendation is 3-4.